If people could choose how they would die, many would say "Peacefully, in my sleep".

Possibly the only real influence many can have over their eventual death is to decide what should happen when the end is close.
Therefore things to consider - would you want medics to try to restart your heart or breathing if either should fail?
Or would you rather let nature take its course? If terminal illness or simply old age brings death too close for comfort, what are the choices?
I hope some of the information on these pages will be useful.

What, if anything, happens after death? The only certainty is that each and every one of us will find for ourselves whether death is the end of everything. Does some part - call it soul, spirit, etheric body or whatever you prefer - survive and move on? We will all find out one day....

Recent news articles indicate that the medical profession now wants the right to decide when someone’s life should be ended. Read more....

DNR / DNAR documents

These forms can be added to patients medical notes, as an indication that should the patient stop breathing, or their heart stops, no resuscitation attempts at all will be made. This decision is sometimes made by the patient or family, but on occasions is made by medical staff without anyone else being informed.
If the decision is made solely by medical staff it can of course cause distress if not handled sensitively, especially if it appears to have been done without any consultation with the patient or their family/carers.

NHS - Sample forms for NHS Staff etc - click here.
Guidance Notes on End of Life care from various sources

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Not always possible or worthwhile, CPR and it's side effects.

So you decide against resuscitation.

What can you expect? More and more of us spend our last hours in hospital in recent years, meaning death has become hidden from the majority of people.  Our ancestors had to deal with all aspects at home, but we are now usually protected from an event which will happen at some time to every one of us.  More info here.....

Is there anything beyond physical death?

There are of course many opinions and viewpoints on the possibility of life after death, with hard details of course difficult to come by.
Expectations of what, if anything, happens after death may be influenced by religious upbringing, education, training and many more influencing factors. Many people will simply not tolerate any ideas which don't fit in with their own beliefs. This is a great shame as it is one subject where up to now it's impossible to provide proof for or against!

Near Death Experiences
A few true examples of deathbed visions...More info here.


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