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General information, news and personal stories concerning the use of DNAR (Do Not Resuscitate orders) and end of life care such as the Liverpool Care Pathway.


Why not Attempt Resucitation?

Do Not Resuscitate / Do Not Attempt Resuscitation orders (DNAR/DNR forms) are often added to patients notes, as an indication that should the patient stop breathing, or their heart stops, no attempt at all will be made to resuscitate them. This in itself will cause distress to patients and relatives alike if not handled sensitively.

We would really like to hear the circumstances in which you found out about a DNAR - good or bad - and also any other comments you have about end of life treatment and your hospital experience in general. Your personal details, names etc. will not be published - please contact us in confidence here. If you would just like to send a message without it being published, that’s fine as well - just add a line somewhere to say ‘don’t publish’.

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Do Not Attempt Resuscitation
(DNAR/DNR) Sample Forms & Information

Case History 1:
The reason for this website - a DNAR form added without warning.

Case History 2:
Resuscitation is not always successful, and the outcome can be unpleasant.

End of Life Plans:
Liverpool Care Pathway, and other methods of care for the dying.

Media Reports:
Stories from national newspapers etc.

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Latest News
Sentenced to death before my time: Three months before she posed at the Baftas, doctors treating SALLY FARMILOE for cancer decided not to resuscitate her - without asking her or her next of kin
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Way cleared for family's challenge over 'do not resuscitate' orders
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