As someone nears the end of this life, it sometimes seems as if they spend some time partially aware of both this side - the part we can also share - and some other part which only they can see or hear.
Whether it can be attributed to medication or just the brain closing down, it often seems as if the deathbed scene is shared with other visitors or experiences which only the dying can see.

In my own personal experience I can describe three separate occasions;

A 58 year old woman, very close to death after a major bleed associated with the cancer which she suffered from, was adamant that her dead mother sat at her bedside the whole night that she was in danger. This lady affirmed this belief until she passed away three months later.

An 82 year old lady, seriously ill with sepsis. Hospital staff were doubtful that she would survive the night. Still able to talk sensibly, she asked me on two occasions that night why there was a bright light on the wall opposite her bed in the sideward.
There was no light at all that I could see - the only lighting was a dimmed ceiling light above the bed. Fortunately she recovered, and over two days in the same room didn’t mention the light again. Was this the ‘tunnel of light’ often mentioned?

An 86 year old lady, hospitalised with pneumonia and relatives already told she had only a short time. On the final day of her life, she was so weak and could hardly speak. The only words she repeated were ‘I’m ready to go home’. Sitting up in bed, she repeatedly pointed and waved her finger towards the foot of the bed at someone or something she could see. By the quizzical looks she gave us, and the occasion smile toward the foot of the bed, it appeared as if she couldn’t understand what she was seeing, or why we couldn’t see it also. She passed away quietly at the end of the afternoon.
Is it possible she saw someone there to show her the way ‘home’?


Near Death Experiences and Visions — 1 Comment

  1. some years ago a friend died in hospital late at night. At about the time he died I awoke from sleep aware of a figure standing in the gloom of my bedroom. I couldnt make out any features, the person seemed to be dreesed in white but had what I thought was a glowing red pen held against the chest. After a few seconds the image faded and i went back to sleep.
    When his relative called to tell me of his passing the next day I didn’t mention my ‘dream’ but did find out later that when he died he had been hooked up to monitors and had something clipped on his finger which was lit up red